Angela Vickerman, CPA – Serving Greater Houston, Texas
specializes in providing Daily Money Management services to older adults and other individuals who do not
have the time, energy, and/or ability to effectively manage their day-to-day personal financial affairs.



Are your records and files a mess?

Is your financial information hiding in so many different places that you cannot see the big picture?





Do you really know where you spend your money?

Do you have trouble developing or sticking to a budget that makes sense?





Has it been a while since your bank accounts were balanced?

Is it getting harder to stay on top of making deposits or paying bills?





Is the thought of getting your tax information ready for your tax preparer overwhelming?

Do you need some help pulling everything together and managing the process?



What are Daily Money Management Services?

Personal, customized services designed for people who need or would like assistance with managing or tracking their day-to-day financial affairs.  Examples of the types of services offered include:

  • Organizing, managing, and tracking financial records
  • Reconciling bank accounts and assisting with other banking transactions
  • Establishing and monitoring compliance with budgets
  • Compiling summaries of personal assets, liabilities, and expected cash inflows and outflows
  • Organizing tax documents and/or working with tax advisors
  • Managing, sorting, and filing mail or other documents

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Who can benefit from Daily Money Management Services?

Older Adults – Physical changes caused by the aging process (e.g., limited vision, arthritis, conditions which limit the ability to write, loss of ability to follow through on tasks, fatigue) can make it difficult to stay on top of day-to-day financial affairs.  Active retirees may also find themselves so busy with travel or social activities that it becomes difficult to keep up with payments, financial records, etc.

Adult Children of Aging Parents – Adult children may realize that their parents have hit a milestone at which they are no longer able to handle their daily financial affairs on their own.  The children want to help their parents.  However, they may not live nearby, or they may lack the time, desire, or ability to jump into their parents’ financial affairs at the level of detail needed.

Busy Professionals – Busy professionals can be pulled in so many different directions.  Balancing work, home, family, and other commitments can make it tough to prioritize everything that needs to be done.  Getting assistance with day-to-day financial affairs can free up time to focus on the things that matter most.

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