“One of the profound effects of working with Angela is that I am not completely overwhelmed and frozen with anxiety, fear, and constant worry that makes me unable to complete the simplest of financial tasks.  By taming and organizing paperwork and financial issues, there has been a huge domino effect that has started moving in all areas of my life.  This work is Angela’s true calling, and her work with me will have positive effects on my life for many years.” 

— TB, League City

“Angela has an amazing talent for reviewing and organizing paperwork, identifying problems, and providing excellent recommendations for you that she either completes herself or, if you prefer, assists you to complete. She seeks in every way to understand your needs and to work toward finding solutions that work for you. She is very responsive and a joy to work with. We highly recommend Angela for any areas where you need help organizing, resolving problems, or managing the many details of life.”

— MS, Houston

“My parents are in their early 80’s, and my wife and I had begun to grow increasingly concerned about the state of their finances and the various controls around their budget and bank accounts. We realized very quickly that we needed a “quarterback” of sorts to help provide us oversight of their personal finances while being a trusted guide and budgeting advisor to them—in other words someone who could work directly for us while unobtrusively working directly with them to help them out at a crucial stage of their lives. We started working with Angela and could not have been more pleased. She has very thoughtfully and patiently worked with both my parents and us to help restructure their finances, put in place a new budget and provide ongoing support and insight. Her attention to detail is superb, and she is able to deftly work through a multitude of financial, budgeting and tax situations. It would be my pleasure to recommend her to anyone who needs this type of service!”

— CO, Houston

“Angela helped me with two different matters. I was worried that my retirement account was not showing all the money that should have been deposited in it. Angela was able to compare my pay stubs to my IRA statements and find amounts that were not correctly applied. Her research allowed me to talk with my plan sponsor and get credit for everything that I was due.  Angela also worked with me to lower some of my monthly bill payments. We sat down together and reviewed what I was paying to each service provider. She made suggestions to reduce some bills and even helped me negotiate a better rate at a service provider.  In both cases, she explained things to me in a way that was easy for me to understand. And she was very patient and kind while doing this – even though I asked some questions more than once!”

— JK, Manvel